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NAME: Jackie Sexton (Edmunds)
Date:               5/24/07
EMAIL_FROM: Cleburne, Texas               
WORK_PHONE:  817.641.3126
HOME_PHONE:  817.556.0202
I was reading over this message board and I saw how much this has helped the community.  Keep up the great work!


Thanks but this ends the work on on this message board at si.
S Foster - BEAMSCO

NAME: Dave Armitage
Date:    23rd May 2007
EMAIL_FROM Hayes. Middlesex
COUNTRY:United Kingdom            
HOME_PHONE:           4402085739154
Hi. My name is Dave and i am trying to find my mother, Beatrice Smith. The last address i have for her was 1320 North Vermilion Ap107 Danville. Can you help. Many many thanks. Dave.  Email address:dave_arm@btinternet.com
Thanks again
NAME: Karen (Pegg) Thompson
Date  5/14/07
EMAIL_FROM: Georgetown, IL
HOME_PHONE: 217-662-6860

Hello everyone Just wanted to say hi and wish everyone Happy Mothers Day


NAME:          Tracy Wright
Date:          05/09/07
EMAIL_FROM: Scottsdale, AZ
WORK_PHONE 602-300-8509
To Whom it may concern:
Thank you for your website. I have been looking for my daughter for many years. Your service helped my daughter to find me. I posted a message in 2005, and she saw it recently, contacted family and we are now together and visiting after 20 years. We both thank you and God.
Do not ever let anyone tell you this site is not worth the effort.
Thank you again
Tracy Wright & My beautiful daughter Amber!

Tracy  & Amber indeed this makes our efforts worthwhile in a special way. We have had a number of these request types in the Message board archives (accessible all the way back to 10/12/2001- via the links above). It's good to know of positive results. Your search began in July 2005 and I remember posting it with good wishes (copy inserted below). We are pleased that our Portal served you so well ..Steve Foster Administrator
NAME:       Tracy D. Wright
EMAIL:    cinemastarr@aol.com
Date:                    07/30/2005
EMAIL_FROM:  Scottsdale, AZ
WORK_PHONE:    602-867-2740
Am looking for Amber Brittany Wright. Born October 12, 1983 in Phoenix, AZ. Would like to talk to her if she wants to, I am her father.
If anyone can help, please contact me.
Thank you

Also see recent post by Daughter below..............

NAME:   Amber Wright**
Date:             4-16-7
EMAIL_FROM: Otterbein IN     
WORK_PHONE: 765 427 8168
HOME_PHONE: 765 427 8036
I found your post Tracy. I have been searching for you too. Born Phoenix AZ - 1983
I have called the numbers you left and they have been disconnected - I've left you emails with no reply - please call or if anyone knows Tracy Dean Wright from Scottsdale AZ and has his phone number please contact me - HIS DAUGHTER DOES WANT TO SPEAK WITH HIM!!!

See July 2005

NAME:            Lisa Pierce
Date:                4-24-07
EMAIL_FROM       Danville, Illinois
HOME_PHONE:     217-431-8890
Looking for 1956 high school yearbooks to purchase from Schlarman and Danville High

Also need photos to copy or purchase of the Skyway Drive-in Theatre.  Thanks.
NAME:     Crystal & Joe Carpenter
Date:              April 9, 2007
EMAIL_FROM:        Danville, Illinois
WORK_PHONE:       765-230-0716
HOME_PHONE:       217-443-6434
I was just wondering if anyone knew if Murray Clark Road was named after someone, and if it was....where can i find information about that person.  Thank you all so much in advance.
Crystal and Joe Carpenter
NAME:          Annetta DeVore
Date:               04/08/07
EMAIL_FROM    Sarasota, Florida
HOME_PHONE:      941-312-4304
This message is for Caroline Devore Stone:  Sorry I didn't see your request sooner.
I just found this site and was looking through old posts.  I was married to your father's brother.  I moved to Florida 5 years ago and haven't been past the house at 802 Martin in a long time.  However, I may have some pictures of the house.  If you
have not received a picture yet, please contact me and I will see if I can find one.
I do have some pictures of you, your sister, and my two girls together at grandma's house when you were about 5 or 6.  I can send you copies of those also if you would like.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Oringinal message posted by:
NAME:        Carolyn Devore Stone
EMAIL:        cstonekk92@aol.com
Date:               6/26/06 (See 2006 M/B)
EMAIL_FROM:     Wichita falls Texas

NAME:     Dee Young
Date:    3-23-07
EMAIL_FROM:  danville Il
HOME_PHONE:    217-442-2343
Can anyone tell me where I can find information on the reputation of contractors in Danville?
NAME:             Dennis van duyn
Date:               03/22/07
EMAIL_FROM:         danville,ill
HOME_PHONE:    217-260-2263
Looking for a friend of mine back in the 60's on Harmon st. name is Allen kochell,any information would be helpful! thanks Dennis van duyn e-mail
NAME:                    Linda Massey
Date:                    3/6/07
EMAIL:     Covington, Indiana
HOME_PHONE:     765-585-2267
I am interested in setting up a booth at festivals in Danville.  Does anyone have a number, name or email address where I might inquire as to what is coming up this summer?
NAME:     Rhonda
Date:                    3/3/07
EMAIL_FROM:              Illinois 
HOME_PHONE:     217-987-6336
Looking for Larry-----
I am looking for a man named Larry Gates. He worked at General Motors in 1966. He lived in Olivet and was married and had at least 2 children. Any info on where he might be would be appreciated.
NAME:               Debra Keller
Date:                  02/13/07
EMAIL_FROM:       Houston, Texas
HOME_PHONE:       281-578-2502
I am trying to find information on an Orphanage that I was a resident of in the 70's in Danville IL, Please if you have anything I would appreciate it.

Debra Keller
NAME:                    Debra Rayfield
Date:                    01-26-07
EMAIL_FROM:    Ellington Mo.63638
HOME_PHONE:      573-663-2195
I am looking for someone last name Mallory, that would be related to the Burgess from Arcola. Possible first name Shawn. Thank You Debra
NAME:        Lawrence D Russell Jr
Date:                    8 JAN 07
HOME_PHONE       802-849-2020

Nice site, I lived in Danville when I was young. I played  baseball for Pepsi and they called my Whitey Russell but my real name was Larry Russell. I live in Fairoaks where I had a lot of good fiends.
I when back to Danville this last summer after getting back from Iraq to see my brothers, have two that live by Danville. Still love the area and might just move back there when I retire. I had a lot of good times in Danville growing up.
Thanks for the site, and if anyone knows me please feel free to write.   
NAME:           Annette Moody
Date:                01-02-07
EMAIL_FROM:  Georgetown, Illinois
HOME_PHONE:              662-6711
I am looking for a couple old dressers and trunks of any kind, if anyone has any that they would like to sell please contact me.
Thanks so much,
2007 reply to this 2006 message follows:

NAME               Jay Moody
Date:                    12-24-06
EMAIL_FROM:     Tucson, Arizona
HOME_PHONE:  (520) 790-4302

Merry Christmas Danville!  I've been gone 31 years, but I always think about my home town at Christmas.  Any old friends out there?
NAME:               Jan Million
Date:                01/01/2007
EMAIL_FROM:         Danville, IL
HOME_PHONE:     217-597-2437
Jay Moody....You were looking for old friends out here.  I'm married to Mike Million and we're friends of Larry Denison.  I've heard a lot about you.

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